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Do Not Hire attorney Attorney Brett Pritchard in Killeen. He is a CROOK!

He will lie to you and do nothing to help you! He will use what you tell him and then sell you out to the opposing attorney! I am not just making any of this up, I am a former client that wished I would have read all the complaints before I handed him my money! If you don't believe what I am writing then go read all the other complaints and then call the BBB and ask them why he lost his accredidation!

If you want to wast your money and time then by all means hire him. Pritchard is also running for Bell County 146th Judicial District Judge, and Bell county does not need a CROOK as a judge, so voters need to let their voices be heard and not vote Pritchard as judge!

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So if you had a consult with him and opposing counsel is Prater and you don’t retain him, is he going to give your info to Prater? Sounds like all of these Coryell/Bell lawyers are corrupt and taking advantage of soldiers and their families and selling out their clients to the highest opposing bidder. Maybe a news agency in Austin would be brave enough to investigate and expose the corruption.


Amen, his wife posted some sob story about how they rescued a little girl from abuse and adopted her....I’m sure it was to look good and there was probably money involved that of course he received. He’s a liar and a money hungry, lazy excuse for a man

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